We reinvent the guitar pick forever!

Guitar Picks with NFC.

The next-gen guitar picks.

Also with your own logo, images and texts.

NFCGuitarPicks.com – Guitar Picks Reinvented

All started with an idea

We – DutchPicks – started to look for NFC Guitar Picks since 2016. Having a business in custom guitar pick printing, we often get the question to make interactive guitar picks with a QR code. We already did that before and helps you to get to a specific URL, but that’s it! When printing you loose one side of the guitar picks because of the QR code. 

We thought let’s try some new technology and fit that into a guitar pick. After years of studying and trying different materials, we finally have a final product. Our special NFC Guitar Picks.

And that’s not all! We also created a content management system to program the guitar picks in a batch or just one by one. The possibilities are endless! 

NFC Guitar Picks

The Best Features

We can forward the guitar picks to any link, video, album or exclusive content you want. Even afterwards a event we can change the URL of the guitar picks.