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NFC Guitar Picks is an invention of Michael Kenis from OwnGuitarPicks.co.uk.

We have our custom printing company since 2007, based in The Netherlands. We’re specialized in printing music merchandising like custom guitar picks, custom guitar straps, custom drumsticks and much more. Back in 2016…

I was looking for a possibility to make the guitar picks more interactive for the fans. Guitarists often throw away there guitar picks in the audience to give away there guitar pick to die hard fans. I noticed that many bands wanted to have a QR code on there guitar picks so fans can scan the QR code and go to a specific website. But when they do that they loose one side of custom printing just for the QR code.I don’t think that’s the intention of custom printed guitar picks right?

So I started the search end 2016 to see if it’s possible to add a NFC chip in to the guitar picks. Some people advise me to add a sticker to the guitar picks which they can scan. That is not our way of working. It must be neat and good from the first moment. You don’t have a second change to make a first impression is our motto.

And I think I’m right about that. A sticker comes off and you also lose the chip that you needed to scan. It was a real search to find the company that had the chips in a small variation that fits in to a guitar pick. That wasn’t the last stumbling block! How you can make sure the NFC is IN the guitar pick and not on the outside?! That turned out to be quite a job, but we find the right company and they deliver the first NFC Picks to us by the end of 2019.

A couple of things we changed since that design. Like the shape is more to fit any guitar player around the world. Standard 351 size, no strange shapes! Just a guitar pick that you are used to playing with but now with something extra.

After our first conversations with labels, ticket companies, bands and artists, we believe in this product and in his functionality. We think it’s the new standard guitar pick from now on. Now it’s early 2020 and we have developed this in to a professional product that is a great give away for bands or artists. And great for fans to get so you can give them a band guitar pick but also another experience like a new album, video, backstage access or just anything you want.

The possibilities are endless! 


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